2012 Frontier Modifications

Chevy Bed Mat

Bed Mat

WHY? Since I use my truck for working on our ranch, the bed gets a pretty good workout.  The trucks I have owned in the past have sported drop-in liners, spray-on liners, and rubber mats.  I bought this truck without a factory bedliner because it just wasn't worth the cost to me; a plain rubber mat seems to offer all the protection I need.  I could have ordered a generic mat from Tractor supply but wanted something with a more contoured look.  For that reason I went to the Chevrolet Accessories site and spotted a heavy-duty rubber mat that looked good.  It listed for $130 (and that's what my local dealer wanted), but I figured that I might find a better deal at, who had the mats in stock at a nice discount.  I placed my order and paid $91 (plus shipping) by credit card.

SERVICE:  Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation.  The very next day I received a shipping notification, complete with UPS tracking number.  The mats arrived just five working days after I first placed my order.  I consider that to be pretty darned good service. The mats arrived undamaged and packed securely.

INSTALLATION:  Installation is a snap as long as you have a strong back or a friend to help.  

RESULTS: Pretty good.  This mat fits the space nicely and looks to be pretty rugged.  I believe it will provide all the bed coverage I need.

WORTH THE MONEY? Yes.  Looks like this mat will meet my needs nicely for a much lower price than a full liner.