2012 Frontier Modifications

Z71 All-Weather Floor Mats

Z71 mats

WHY? In the words of your middleschool health science teacher: "Protection."  I use my truck for working on our ranch, and immediately discovered that the stock carpeted floor mats are woefully inadequate  for that purpose.  The first week of ownership I did some work in the pasture and climbed into the cab, depositing a nice dollop of bovine poop on the floor.  I couldn't wait to order some mats that would stand up to such abuse.  In the past my floor mat of choice has been Weathertech, but they didn't have one available for the new Colorado (sound familiar, fellow Colorado/Canyon owners?). After much research I was able to uncover only one all-weather mat for my truck:  Genuine GM.  The Chevrolet Accessories site listed a set of front mats with the Z71 logo so I went shopping.  My local dealership quoted me $80 but didn't have them in stock.  Several online sellers (mostly Chevy dealerships) listed the item (part #22968487) but were asking full MSRP.  Several eBay sellers has the item, but little or no discounts.  At last I discovered, who had the mats in stock at a nice discount.  I placed my order and paid $56 (plus shipping) by credit card.

SERVICE:  Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation.  The very next day I received a shipping notification, complete with UPS tracking number.  The mats arrived just five working days after I first placed my order.  I consider that to be pretty darned good service. The mats arrived undamaged and packed securely.

INSTALLATION:  Give me a break; if you can't install floor mats you shouldn't be driving.

RESULTS: Pretty good.  These mats are medium-duty and have a lip around the edges to keep debris from spreading.  They are easy to dump and wash easily.  They lack the sill coverage of the Weathertech digital fit mats, but they are at least the equivalent of the Weathertech all-weather mats.  They are much more effective than the pretty little carpet mats, and I like the Z71 logo.

WORTH THE MONEY? Yes.  Not a screaming bargain, but they do the job.  I wouldn't pay MSRP for them, but at a discount they are definitely worth the money.