2012 Frontier Modifications

Tekonsha Prodigy RF Brake Controller

Tekonsha RF

WHY?  I had already wired in a harness for my old Tekonsha brake controller (see the article here) but the controller was damaged in a freak accident and I needed to replace it.  We use our trusty 16' utility trailer frequently, and we use several different trucks to pull it so I was intrigued by the idea of having a controller that would work with several different vehicles.  A little research turned up the Tekonsha Prodigy RF controller--a proportional controller that communicates wirelessly between the tow vehicle and trailer.  A handheld unit eliminates the need for underdash wiring and is easily moved between vehicles.  This unit is a little pricey, but its versatility made it tempting.  I wanted to order from the good folks at, but the price was so much cheaper at Amazon I elected to place my order there.  $260 plus shipping.

SERVICE:  Typical Amazon--excellent.  I received a confirmation email after ordering, text alert when the item shipped, and a text alert at delivery.  The box arrived on the big brown truck just four days after placing the order.  The factory packaging was well packed in an Amazon box and the unit arrived in perfect condition.  All parts and instructions were included.

INSTALLATION:  Very simple, and can probably be accomplished by the average home mechanic.  The only tools needed are an electric drill and a 3/8" socket driver.  The entire process took me just about 20 minutes.  I normally photograph and describe the process, but the instructions are well-written and illustrated so I will just refer you to them.  The power module is attached to the trailer frame with four self-tapping screws (included) and I had my doubts that they would penetrate the heavy steel of the trailer frame, but I had no problems with them. The most critical step is pairing the handheld unit with the control module (a one-time setup) but the instructions were very clear and the process worked perfectly for me.  Here's how the module looks on the trailer frame:

Tekonsha Prodigy RF

RESULTS: I like a product that performs as advertised, and this contoller does just that.  It works perfectly with just about any tow vehicle without having to hardwire a controller, and the braking performance is excellent--offering true proportional braking even in reverse.  Boost can be adjusted with the handheld unit and disgnostics are displayed on the unit as well.  

WORTH THE MONEY?  Yes.  You can buy less expensive controllers, but versatility, easy installation and great performance make me glad I decided to buy this one.  Heartily recommended.