2012 Frontier Modifications

BakFlip Roll-X Tonneau Cover

bakflip roll-x

WHY?  Utility, plain and simple.  You might try to justify this purchase by telling your wife that it will save on gas, but--just between us guys--you'll never live long enough for the fuel savings to pay for it.  My Colorado truck not only works on the ranch; it also doubles as my personal transportation and I really miss having a vehicle with a trunk.  I decided to find a tonneau cover that is waterproof, lockable and quickly and easily removeable.  I had a BakFlip HD tonneau cover on my 2012 Frontier and had a fantastic experience with it, so I decided to stay with Bakflip on my new truck.  After looking over their website I decided to try the newer Roll-X model; it offers the same features with some improvements over the HD model.  I could have ordered online at any number of vendors, but remembered that I got the best deal on my last BakFlip by calling the BakFlip Factory Outlet.  I picked up the phone and spoke with Morrie, who offered me a price better than any of the other online sellers; I placed the order and paid via credit card.

SERVICE:  Exceptional.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation.  The very next day I received a shipping notification, complete with FedX tracking number.  The truck rolled up and unloaded my package just four working days after I first placed my order.  That, my friends, is the way online business should be conducted!  The tonneau cover arrived undamaged and packed securely.

INSTALLATION:  Not too difficult for the average owner;  working carefully, I had the job done in less than 45 minutes.  The only tools required are 1/2"  and 9/16" wrenches.  The installation instructions included with the  Roll-X  are generic but they are well-illustrated and should be all you need to get the job done.  If you need a little confidence you can view a video of an installation on a Silverado here.

Unpack your shipping box and check to see that everything is accounted for.  The first order of business is to clamp the support rails to the bed; read the instructions carefully as placement is critical.  The rails are held in place by three clamps per side.  The pics below will show a rail clamped in place and a closeup of the clamp:

Roll-x support rail

Roll-x rail clamp

Now it's time to set the rolled-up cover in place; it's at least 50 pounds, so if you don't feel confident lifting and maneuvering that weight, get some help.  Carefully unroll the top and set it roughly in place; it can be adjusted later.  Two bolts are supplied for the front of each side and you'll geed to get up into the bed to tighten them in place.  This anchors the top so you can unroll it to cover the bed.  Snap the rear of the cover in place into the latches.  You might need to make some small adjustments to get everything to line up properly, but if you have followed the instructions carefully they won't be necessary.  You're done!

RESULTS: Absolutely great so far.  I love the appearance of this unit; it is very low profile, and the smooth vinyl surface looks great.  The top rolls up easily (see pic below) to make the bed accessible and doesn't block the rear window as did my BakFlip HD.  With the tailgate locked the bed is fairly secure, and it is almost waterproof.  Here are some pics of the final product:

Rol-X rear view

Roll-X left view

Roll-X right view

Roll_x rolled up

WORTH THE MONEY? I have often said that the BakFlip HD I had installed on my Nissan Frontier was the best money I ever spent on the truck.  When I bought my new Colorado I knew I wanted something similar. I really like the specs of the Roll-X, and I love its appearance.  I'll post a follow-up review, but so far it looks like I have a winner here!