Cortech Super Mini Tank Bag

WHY? I had a Chase Harper tank bag on my '05 DL650 and really found it handy, so I wanted to find a similar unit to use with this bike.  With the Givi bags and topbox on board I didn't need a great deal of carrying capacity but I do like to keep small incidentals (like a cell phone) in a tank bag.  I've heard really good reports about the Cortech Super Mini bag by Tourmaster, and it looked like it would fit the bill perfectly.  I did a little shopping online and was pleasantly surprised to find the bag available at a competitive price from one of my favorite vendors, New Enough.  I have purchased riding apparel from them in the past, but they also carry a pretty good selection of hard parts. Check 'em out!  I placed the order online at their web site and paid via Paypal--$49 plus shipping. 

SERVICE. Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation; I received a shipping notification within 12 hours of placing the order, and the shipment arrived at my door via UPS the next working day.  That, my friends, is fantastic service!  This is online shopping the way it should be done!

INSTALLATION. Not difficult, and required no tools.  This bag is available in either a magnetic mount ($5 more) or a strap-down model.  Both units looked good, but I opted for the strap-down model because I needed little or no portability and preferred the (marginally) extra security.  I used the included straps to secure the bag from two points at the top and one at the bottom; the entire process took me less than 10 minutes and could certainly be done by any owner.

RESULTS. Really nice; I'm very impressed with the quality of this bag; it looks sturdy, and has large zippers that could be opened while I'm wearing gloves.  It has some nice organizer features inside the main compartment and it comes with a handy raincover to protect it in case of a downpour.  Its small footprint works well with the shape of the Wee-Strom's tank too.  It's easy to disconnect a single buckle and swing the bag up to reach the gas tank for filling.  The front compartment holds my cell phone perfectly, and the main compartment holds a surprisingly large number of incidentals.  A detachable map pocket allows you to carry a folded map available for viewing.  The Ultra Mini might be too small for the long-distance tourer, but it's just about the perfect size for my needs.  A+ for utility.

Worth the money? Absolutely.  This is a really handy addition, and at under $50 it's not expensive as motorcycle farkels go.  A+ for value.