Chase Harper Tank Bag

WHY? I have never owned a tank bag, but a recent ride with an ST1300 owner convinced me of its usefulness.  With my top box I have pretty good carrying capacity, but a tank bag offers even more storage and  a handy place for items like cell phone and a map.  There are many, many tank bags available out there, but my friend had a Chase Harper model 750 bag and it looked about perfect for my needs.  This bag expands to hold 720 cubic inches o' stuff, has a reversible map window, and offers a choice of magnetic or strap mount.  Though I could have shopped harder, I elected to buy from the Chase Harper site.  It was well-organized and easy to search and navigate.  I placed the order online--the cost was $79.95 plus shipping.

SERVICE. Pretty good.   I received an email confirmation after placing the order, and the shipment arrived at my door in about a week.   

INSTALLATION. Not too difficult, and could probably be accomplished by the average home mechanic.  No special tools are necessary.  All parts and hardware were included, as was a set of illustrated instructions.  This bag is not model-specific, so several strap/buckle combinations are included to allow mounting on a variety of bikes.  I elected to use a four-point mounting system, attaching the straps at the front and rear of the gas tank.  The installation required removal of the seat to secure the rear mounting straps; I completed the project in about 20 minutes.

RESULTS. I think that I'm going to like this addition.  The bag does not interfere with the handlebars, even in tight turns.  Accessing the gas filler cap just requires releasing two buckles and swinging the bag out of the way.  I really love the map window, and the extra carrying capacity comes in handy.

Worth the money? I believe so.  $80 is not an inexpensive farkle, but it adds a great deal of versatility to the bike.