SW-Motech Centerstand

WHY?  That's a good question--why in the world should I be doing a write-up on a centerstand as an option when it should have been standard equipment?  It's incredible to me that Suzuki would produce a street bike with chain drive and no centerstand, but they did so I'll just get over it and complete this review.  I installed an OEM centerstand on my V-Strom 1000, but when I purchased my DL650 I decided to go with a SW-Motech unit.  Since I was placing a large order with the good folks at Twisted Throttle (twistedthrottle.com) I clicked the box and and added the item, $150.

SERVICE. Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation; I received a shipping notification the next day, the shipment arrived at my door via UPS a week after placing the order.  Since most of that time was spent in shipping transit I consider that to be good service.  This is online shopping the way it should be done!

INSTALLATION. This installation was a not terrible difficult and could be accomplished by the average home mechanic with a good set of tools.  It was a real challenge for me, but only because I got careless and had to re-work a couple of steps.  The instructions included were not much help as they were written in German, but the illustrations were all I really needed to get the job done.  The most difficult part of the job was connecting the double return spring, but I had a brake spring tool that handled the job nicely.  The job took me over an hour, but I believe that I could do the next one in under 30 minutes. 

RESULTS. Incredible.  I loved the Suzuki centerstand on my DL1000, but this SW-Motech unit is much better.  It fits well, operates smoothly and gets the rear wheel well into the air.  Moving the bike from the sidestand onto the centerstand can be done in one smooth, easy motion and sets the bike up so that maintenance such as lubing the chain is done easily.  Setting the motorcycle on the stand requires no pulling or heavy lifting--just a little balancing and a firm step on the side-bar will get the bike into the air quickly and easily.  Moving the bike off the stand is not hard; a quick forward rocking motion is all that is needed, but riders with shorter legs (under 32" inseam) might have a long stretch.

Worth the money? Absolutely.  I wouldn't want to own the bike without it--highly recommended.