Givi Maxia Topcase

WHY? Carrying capacity.  If you're going to have a bike that you use for touring, you've got to be able to carry lots o' stuff.  As an added bonus, the box can also serve  as a passenger backrest.  When I purchased my DL1000 it came with the Givi box and I liked the way it looked on the 650; I usually do reviews on items I've purchased myself, but since I've never owned this item I thought that I'd mention it here.  There are a number of different options available for the V-Strom, in both hard and soft-sided configurations.  Prices on the Givi boxes vary widely, so shop around.  The E52, which is the largest box made by Givi, sells for around $250 and the mounting plate will run another $60-$70.


INSTALLATION. Although I didn't install this particular unit, it came with all of the original instructions.  Installation looks to be a pretty simple process and should take no more that 30 minutes or so. 

RESULTS. Really nice; I'm very impressed with the quality of this box.  The paint and finish were flawless and were a perfect match with the bike.  I also like the fact that it detaches easily, leaving a mounting plate that can also serve as a luggage rack.  The box is cavernous, and can hold two full-face helmets as long as they aren't XXL. 

Worth the money? Yes.  This is not a cheap addition, but is well-constructed and provides lots of extra cargo room.  Owners on a restricted budget might prefer a less-expensive alternative, but the Givi box is a fine product.