Suzuki Hand Guards

WHY?  Duh--to guard your hands.  Seriously, after riding cruisers for most of my life it was nice to own a DL1000 and find that it had hand guards to protect my knuckles from cold wind and flying road debris (and perhaps from brush when offroad).  When I acquired a Wee-Strom I was disappointed to discover that it didn't come standard with them.  Not wanting to be without them, I negotiated the guards into the purchase price of my DL650K7; predictably, they weren't in stock so the dealer ordered a set for me (part #57300-27820-291).  The retail price is around $50, but they can be found for less at some of the online dealers. 


INSTALLATION. This is a very easy job, and one that can be accomplished by the average home mechanic;  I managed the installation in about 15 minutes.  All necessary hardware and illustrated instructions are included with the kit. 

RESULTS. Very nice.  The hand guards look good and do a very good job of keeping both road debris and the elements off of my hands.  I slipped on my heavy winter riding gloves and they fit under the guards with room to spare.   

Worth the money? Yes.  This is a nice addition for under 50 bucks.