Givi E21 Sidecases

WHY? Carrying capacity.  If you're going to have a bike that you use for touring, you've got to be able to carry lots o' stuff.  I had mounted a Givi V46 topcase but wanted a pair of sidecases to add more carrying capacity.  I didn't need anything terribly large, so the E21 sidecases by Givi looked like a good match for the V46 topcase; since they are all a part of the Monokey system I would also be able to purchase replacement lock sets so that all the bags would be keyed alike.  I elected to stay in the Givi line and chose the PL532 tubular sidecase racks for mounting.  I have excellent experience with the folks at Twisted Throttle so I ordered all items from them.  The sidecases were $164, the racks were $146 and the three-case lockset with six keys was $23.

SERVICE. Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation; I received a shipping notification the next day, the shipment arrived at my door via UPS a week after placing the order.  Since most of that time was spent in shipping transit I consider that to be good service.  This is online shopping the way it should be done!

INSTALLATION. The installation instructions that came with the racks were written in about 23 different languages, so rather than strain my poor old tired eyes trying to locate the English version I just worked with the illustrations provided.  Working very carefully, I had the racks and both cases in place in about 30 minutes; this one shouldn't be a problem for the average home mechanic. It took me an additional 20 minutes to change the three locksets so that the locks on the sidecases and the topcase  would be keyed alike.

RESULTS. Wow--these cases are really nice; I'm very impressed with their quality and function. The matte black finish was a nice match with the bike.  I also like the fact that they detach easily but are still carried securely on the racks with nary a rattle or squeak.  At 21-liter capacity they don't carry a lot, but they are a nice complement for the topcase and their size doesn't overwhelm the Wee-Strom like some others I've seen. 

Worth the money? Yes.  These boxes aren't terribly expensive but they are well-constructed and provide lots of extra cargo room.  Two thumbs up!