Givi V46 Topcase


WHY? Carrying capacity.  If you're going to have a bike that you use for touring, you've got to be able to carry lots o' stuff.  As an added bonus, the box can also serve  as a passenger backrest.  When I purchased my DL1000 it came with the Givi Maxia E52 box and I liked the way it looked but I decided to try a slightly smaller box for the 650.  I wanted to find a case that would handle a full-face helmet easily, so I settled on the Givi V46 model; it is part of the Monokey series, so I  decided to mount it on the Givi E528 topcase rack.  I've had excellent experience with the folks at Twisted Throttle so I ordered both items from them.  The topbox cost $230 and the mounting rack was an additional $78.

SERVICE. Excellent.  Immediately after placing the order I received an email confirmation; I received a shipping notification the next day, the shipment arrived at my door via UPS a week after placing the order.  Since most of that time was spent in shipping transit I consider that to be good service.  This is online shopping the way it should be done!

INSTALLATION. The installation instructions that came with the rack were pretty poor, but the installation was not difficult and could be accomplished pretty easily with the illustrations provided.  Working very carefully, I got the job done in about 30 minutes; this one shouldn't be a problem for the average home mechanic. 

RESULTS. Really nice; I'm very impressed with the quality of this box.  The paint and finish were flawless and were a perfect match with the bike.  I also like the fact that it detaches easily, leaving a mounting plate that can also serve as a luggage rack.  The box is large, and can hold a full-face helmet along with assorted other gear. 

Worth the money? Yes.  This is not a cheap addition, but is well-constructed and provides lots of extra cargo room.  Owners on a restricted budget might prefer a less-expensive alternative, but the Givi box is a fine product.